Hi, I'm Steve Berke and I'm running to be your next Mayor of Miami Beach.

Since 2011, I've matured as a candidate, I have listened to the residents of Miami Beach, and I have been given a lot of advice - most of which has been great. I've had a wonderful time consulting with both residents and tourists about what we need to make our city better, and I'm very grateful for all the feedback I've received. However, it is now time to lead.

Outlined on this website is my vision for how much better Miami Beach could be by the year 2020 - it's a six year plan to make our hometown a truly world class city, and I call it my 2020 vision.

Yes, we have some serious goals to accomplish - the creation of a fully integrated public transportation system, ending corruption at City Hall, and restoring faith in our police department, along with finding a solution to our flooded streets and decriminalizing marijuana. But, under my leadership, we will do all this and more.

So, please feel free to browse the website, explore my ideas, and read about my vision. If you like what you see, make sure you are registered to vote and together on November 5th, we can make this 2020 vision a reality.